Isadora Duncan: The Dancer of the Future [VIDEO]

 Guide: Modern Dance in America

In this video, I discuss Isadora Duncan’s philosophy, influences, and aesthetic. I intend to put together a second video covering her biography and her influence on the following generation of dancers.

This is the second in my series of videos charting the evolution of Modern dance in America. In the first video in this series, I surveyed the atmosphere that gave birth to pioneering dancer Loie Fuller.

I’m teaching as I learn, so it’s possible there may be errors of fact or overly broad generalizations in this video. Feel free to comment with corrections or additions (and please provide a citation if possible). My sources are:

Mazo, Joseph H. Prime Movers: The Makers of Modern Dance in America. Princeton, 2000.
Reynolds, Nancy, and Malcolm McCormick. No Fixed Points: Dance in the Twentieth Century. Yale UP, 2003.

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